Let’s meet up and have a chat

We like to get out the office and visit clients, although you’re more than welcome to come down to our office in Liverpool if you’d prefer to get out for a while.

Where we are

To get the ball rolling here’s the contact details for our design & marketing agency team in Liverpool.

Ident Creative Ltd
Suite 26 · HubSquared
3a Bridgewater Street
Liverpool L1 0AR

Telephone 07985 640 543*

*What? No landline? Yes, no landline. That’s so last century!

Who we are

Please direct your initial enquiries to either of the business directors:

Jonathan Bruce
Director / Marketing Director
Tel: 07980 806 370
Email: jonathan@ident-creative.com
Les Woods
Director / Creative Director
Tel: 07985 640 543
Email: lpw@ident-creative.com

Lets pencil in a date

So feel free to get in touch on 07985 640 543 – we’d love to meet you at our offices in Liverpool, or come and visit you at your premises (or grab a coffee somewhere!).